The three Key abilities that let you break through

I want to share with you an experience one of my daughters had when she was in high school. One day she told me that she had a hard time following the class because she had trouble reading the writing on the blackboard. At times she claimed that doing so gave her headaches. She thought this problem was normal, it never having occurred to her that she needed glasses.

When she finally got glasses, the world became a different place for her. She was quite shocked at how easy reading and seeing had become. Yet, it was not the world that had changed, it was her perception of the world. You might find the story funny, but I guarantee you that you will have a similar recognition when you begin to experience “reality.”

It doesn’t matter if you are the smartest person in your class or an expert in your field; you will still fall short of your potential if your vision is blurred.

Being in a great state overrides everything else: knowledge, education, experience, money, and past successes. This is especially true when you are challenged by unusual events or circumstances.

The difference between winning and losing and mastering your profession in life lies in the following three abilities: the ability to make decisions, the ability to question reality, and the ability to let go. Together, these abilities will help you see that all limitations are in you and not in the world. Happiness and progress come from overcoming your fears and resistance.  You must first see reality and let go before you are in a mindset to take action and get things done.

Key Ability 1: Your ability to make decisions

The number one reason why people fail is that they don’t make clear decisions. As long as you DO NOT make clear decisions, resistance and doubt will keep you stuck in hesitation and fear.

As individuals, we always have the choice whether or not to act or do, given a particular task.  Once you make that conscious decision, things will begin to move and you are then able to take the action needed to achieve what you want.

In order to make decisions, you must accept and trust in your strength and ability. You must be willing to take responsibility for your successes and failures. If you continue to do what you have done in the past, you are guaranteed to get the same results in the future. Growth comes from overcoming your fears and resistance.

In order to change and get out of stuckness, you must make clear decisions as well as master the other two key abilities. Fear and frustration can be powerful forces; however, it is your willpower and decisions that help you move forward.

The decision to do whatever it takes

Every great journey begins with a strong decision to do whatever it takes, to be unstoppable, and to succeed. It is the decision to end being small, stuck in fear and frustration, and to be stronger than all your challenges.

Only then are you ready to change and to move on.

Key Ability 2: Your ability to question reality

Perception is reality. The further away you are from reality, the more help you will need.

The following happens regularly when I have a phone session with a client:

I am guiding the client through the process and intense fear comes up. The person is completely convinced that something bad like losing his/her job is going to happen. I call it “The Story”. The first thing I ask is: “Is there anything in the room that is threatening you at this moment?” Sounding surprised by the question the client most often answers “No”. My second question is: “Can you see where this story is happening?” to which the client responds: “It is in my mind!” Bingo. It is not real; it is a story in the mind. The same is true for any story in your mind. They feel real and seem to happen repeatedly at various points in your life; however, they are only stories. Once the realization sets in, the process is complete, and the fear is gone. Looking back, the person may even have a good laugh at the story.

Greek mythology has many stories that are based on truth and reality. One of my favorite stories is the one about the Sirens. The Sirens are women who live on three small islands surrounded by treacherous reefs. They sing beautiful and irresistible songs. When the sailors hear these songs, they can’t help but get  closer to listen. As they near the islands, they crash into the reefs and die.

The songs represent fear, anger, and sadness. As we fall for these songs, we find ourselves in trouble.

The ability to question yourself helps you to recognize what is causing the resistance and stuckness. Fear has an effect on you, but it is your resistance that creates your problems. If you buy into fear, your dreams, abilities, and inner voice get repeatedly stomped on each and every day.

To question reality, we must go to a level beyond the thoughts and stories. It is there that we will find that all our troubles are caused by the 3 feelings of lack:


Fear = Lack of safety = wanting to be safe

Anger = Lack of control = wanting to be in control

Sadness = Lack of acceptance = wanting to be accepted

When I guide you through the process, you experience what reality is and you learn how to simply eliminate negative thoughts in a way you can’t even imagine. Which leads to key ability three.

Key Ability 3: Your ability to let go

The ability to let go is actually the ability to let go of resistance. As previously discussed, you can only experience a problem as long as you are resisting it. The moment you let go of resistance, situations, experiences, and the way you feel change. Most importantly you are able to function again, free of heaviness, fear, and frustration.


Letting go is an art, something that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. It is the most effective process of creating deep and lasting change in your consciousness. Once you master letting go, you master your mind and your life. It is a key skill that makes a tremendous difference in your life.

When you let go, you will realize that that all limitations exist only in your mind and that there are unlimited possibilities that are waiting to be uncovered by you. Letting go makes you more complete as a person.

The art of letting go is a very precise and predictable process that follows the laws of physics. All thoughts are made up of energy. Negative thoughts such as fear, anger, and sadness are a low energy. Conversely, courageousness and acceptance have a high energy. Once you connect the two, a natural discharge will occur in the same way a battery gets emptied out when you connect “+” and “-”. The process is NOT a conversation or anything similar to what you may have experienced before. It is not hypnosis or any other type of self- help practice. It is nothing intellectual that you need to learn or understand; it is actually quite the opposite. It is experiencing how your consciousness works and how to be in alignment with it. It is not a belief system or any type of religion; it is a simple and safe process that anybody can learn and use.

The Results and benefits

Immediate Results: Tremendous breakthrough

When you decide to let go, you will immediately experience a significant reduction in stress and frustration, and after 10 sessions, you will feel like you are returning from a long vacation – relaxed and filled with harmony and positive energy, independent of what is happening in your life. Your energy and effectiveness is renewed, and most importantly, you move out of stuckness and into an action mindset that allows you to get things done.

My clients find solutions through my services when nothing else has helped and they needed a very fast breakthrough from a difficult situation.

The Basis for Even More Results

A New Start: Once I have guided you through the process, you can choose to use this new skill to “clean up your past,” removing resistance from past experiences. It is a very systematic way to get to a point where you feel great all the time. Have you ever dreamed of starting your life again with new choices and a second chance to do a better job? You can never change the past, but you can change the way you feel about it, and that makes all the difference.

Ultimate Productivity: Imagine a world of people that discover their gift and share it with the world. Problems occur as a result of not following your intuition. The ultimate productivity program helps you break through the limits that keep you from uncovering your gift and connect you to your intuition. This challenge brings with it enormous change and expansion.