The source of all problems is not following your intuition

Do you constantly feel like you are trying to finish projects at work, only to find yourself not making progress? Instead, you consume yourself with smaller mindless tasks to keep busy. Are you aware of how many times a day this occurs and how much time is wasted? Every time you don’t follow through, you are guaranteed to feel frustrated and eventually depressed. So why is it that you don’t follow through? The reason for not following through is based on the presence of one or more of the following beliefs:

  • I am not good enough
  • I don’t deserve
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I can’t, I should not
  • It will fail
  • Its too risky
  • It has to be perfect
  • They won’t АВТОМОБИЛЬ like it…


Instead of doing what you intended, you do something else that temporarily makes you feel better and gives you the illusion that you did something. However, in reality you not only wasted your time, but also did not get anything resolved and will therefore, eventually pay the price.

Typical escape types and activities

  • Thinking: Getting away from feeling bad by thinking about doing or having things.
  •  Activity: Eating when you are not hungry, excessive sexual activity, excessive shopping, Internet, wholesale nba jerseys drinking, etc.
  • Expressing Feelings: Directing anger at others.
  • Getting Sick: Headache, back pain, depression, or other illness, all of which are perfect alibis for not acting


Procrastination, or not acting on impulse, leads to serious consequences. These consequences will leave you feeling unhappy, undermine your self-esteem, and cause chronic disease or pain.

Without even recognizing it, you probably use one or more of these escapes on a daily basis. As these bad habits continue to form and grow stronger, the pattern of repetition becomes more difficult to break. Your escapes and weaknesses will continue to limit your progress, making life difficult, until you take steps the necessary steps and begin following your intuition.

Escapes – the ultimate productivity killer

Has the fear wholesale NBA jerseys of intimidation ever prevented you from calling a customer? Has the fear of refusal ever prevented you from asking your boss for that raise? Has the apprehension of taking a risk prevented you from changing your career path? As you can see, people fail to follow their intuition for many reasons.

The path to feeling good and to high productivity lies in following your intuition. You must recognize that you are a powerful creator, and it is the voice in you, or that gut feeling, that is there to guide you through life, so long as you decide to listen.

It just takes one unresolved issue to pull you down

Does it seem just too simple and easy? You may be asking yourself: “what happens if something serious occurs that is beyond my control like a lawsuit, to a divorce, or a loss of job?” The important thing to remember in these situations is that it is not what happens in the world that affects you, but your resistance and reaction to it. wholesale jerseys It is the skill of letting go of your resistance that moves you past the stuckness and into the state of feeling good, the state of action, and the state of being in control.

The pattern continues until you get tired of it

Trying to run away from, or resisting, your problems and frustrations is a waste of time. You will likely try many different approaches and techniques, but in the end, the main issues remains unsolved until you grow sick and tired of it. Only then are you dance ready for a solution and the right teacher will appear.

Where does it come from?

It begins early in life, from that first moment you are told how to mindset behave, what path to pursue, or the right way of doing something. When the environment around Branding you is harsh and controlling, you begin to resist and lose trust in your intuition. You doubt Schio yourself and feel guilty and ashamed for doing so. By resisting these cheap MLB jerseys feelings, you suppress them deep within your mind. You begin to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. You study things you are not interested in because you fear not fitting in.

Perfectionism is one of the most devastating illusions. It plants a picture of what is “perfect” and when you fall short, it leaves you depressed and unhappy. You enter a state of “stuckness” or “feeling bad.”

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