Whatever you resist you experience

Ask yourself: Is it the people and situations in the world дизайна that cause your upsets and hang-ups, or is it your reaction to what is happening? The truth of the matter is that you can only experience unpleasantness when you are resisting it. It is not the people or situations in the world that bother hi you, it is your reaction and associated feelings to what is happening.

Resistance is what you feel when you are in a state of stress, frustration, depression, or other positions of negativity.

Resistance, whether real or imaginary, comes from resisting your thoughts or feelings. It is a force that holds you back, drives you crazy, and makes you angry or depressed. It includes fear, anxiety, and frustration.  It’s like trying to drive a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other one on the cheap jerseys brake – it gets you nowhere. Resistance comes in many shapes and forms. The sooner you realize there is logic to it, the sooner you can let go of resistance.

Levels of consciousness/resistance


About Pride

Does pride prevent you from taking necessary action? Pride is a critical aspect of your consciousness. Although often portrayed cheap jerseys free shipping in a positive light, it has the power to make you blind and is the reason for all the resistance against change. Those with pride believe that they are better than others. As such, they constantly feel the need to protect their place in line by preventing others from passing them. They are constantly worrying The about what they have out of fear of losing it.

As the popular saying goes, “pride comes before a fall.” The fall comes from unwillingness to change. It is the danger behind getting attached to your past achievements. It’s the attitude that believes “don’t fix what isn’t broken,” or the person who thinks: “why change what works? I’ve always done it this way.”

Now take a look at those prideful people around you. Often time, when you see pride in others, it is a turn off. Pride is what makes proud people very lonely and disconnected in spite of all the money and materialistic possessions they may have.

Pride shows up in many ways: it’s thinking you are superior or better than someone else, it’s jealously, and utmost, it’s resistance. But it’s also the opposite. It’s a feeling of worthlessness and a constant struggle against the fear of failure. The most detrimental form of pride is the feeling of shame and guilt. This form leads you to become very uncomfortable and keeps you extremely “stuck.”


One of the most fascinating aspects that accompanies each level of consciousness is the “perfect illusion.” The perfect illusion is something greater than a feeling, energy, a vibration, or a belief system. It is not only a mindset that describes the way you feel, but also a level of consciousness that defines your thinking, your actions, and the results you are getting.

For example: When you are in a state of apathy, you may feel extreme withdrawal from the world and wish to lie in bed. Action: You will only take the absolute minimum action without much strength. Your thoughts tend to be extremely negative, and may even revolve around death. You feel that you are useless and life is not worth living.

As long as you are frustrated, your feelings, thoughts, and actions will reflect this state. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will be running around in circles, trying to fix an endless thread of problems, only to find yourself where you started. It is only when you experience a shift in consciousness that everything begins cheap mlb jerseys to change for the better and all the little problems seem to disappear.

Examples of how our state of consciousness shows up on different levels:

  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Available-energy.png” text=”Energy available for action vs suppression” description=”Available Energy available” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Feeling.png” text=”Feeling” description=”Feeling patterns as a result of your level of consciousness” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Thinking.png” text=”Thinking patterns” description=”Thinking patterns as a result of your level of consciousness” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Action.png” text=”Action patterns” description=”Typical action as a result of your level of consciousness” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Self-Sabotage.png” text=”Self Sabotage patterns” description=”Self Sabotage patterns as a result of your level of consciousness” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Focus.png” text=”What you focus on” description=”What you focus on as a result of your level of consciousness” gallery_group=”consciousness”]
  • [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_anchor_text_image wholesale jerseys link=”http://www.guidowalter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Summary.png” text=”Putting it all together” description=”Be, do in and have” gallery_group=”consciousness”]

The Goal: Survival and Avoidance of Pain

Resistance always presents itself to you on a personal level. It is shaped by your life experiences. All past experiences where resistance was present stay to haunt you and constantly reappear when your mind recognizes a similar pattern.

The purpose of the mind is to help you survive and avoid pain at all costs. The mind works like a computer; unless you can relate to a personal experience, it is difficult to imagine the countless conflicts that everyone has accumulated within them.

While one part of you wants to be successful and active, the other part is fighting to keep you safe. When these parts conflict with one another, fear often wins. Although safe, fear often prevents you from reaching your full potential and becoming happy. The greatest fear we all have is of becoming successful. Are you forgetting to question your reality and your reaction?

The solution

Instead of trying to change, control, or fix the situation, you need to refocus on letting go. When you let go, you become more positive and move up to a higher level of consciousness.  As you feel happier, your head will automatically be filled with positive thoughts and solutions. Happiness, joy, and success are the same energy.

Summary Resistance

  • Our thinking mind, our ego is a mechanism of separation and resistance.
  • Resistance is the opposition of one force (point of view, thought) against another.
  • Resistance is an imaginary force against internal or external factors.
  • Resistance prevents change: As long as we have resistance against a situation or person the situation will right not change.
  • Resistance comes from not making clear decisions. We are confused about whether or not to do something. The first step for any activity is making a clear decision.
  • When we learn to eliminate our resistance, new possibilities and new options appear. The impossible becomes possible.
  • Resistance is: I should, I could, I would, or when I make suggestions to others. For example, “You should exercise more…”

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