Be Do Have

There are three dimensions that define your actions cheap jerseys and results. They are Being, Doing and Having/Experiencing. They are very much up related and typically you tend to ignore the first dimension: Being. The reason why you ignore “being” is because you are so busy running around that you hardly have time to notice that there is a person behind the doing, you yourself. Its also The something that does not feel very good and you have certain experiences and beliefs about it. “I can The never change, its Resistance very uncomfortable, I am feeling ashamed, its not working, its not possible”. The list is endless”. That appears to be true so long as you don’t know how it works! Once you understand, it becomes a key skill.

You begin to look at yourself when:

  • The Pain is bad enough to keep you from running
  • When they you can’t figure out how to fix the mess you are in
  • When you realize that something is fundamentally wrong

That is when you begin to take pills, go see a doctor, a shrink or take some seminars. Has it worked? I doubt it.


Recurring patterns

If you want to be in control of your life, live your purpose, do great things without stress and frustration there is no alternative but to understand, how your Being impacts all of your actions, your results and the way you feel about yourself and the world. Once you have this understanding its just a decision to use it.

And as long as you refuse to look at yourself you will most likely be caught up in some kind of recurring pattern that you can’t seem to get rid of.

We focus on working hard cheap mlb jerseys and struggle through the things which we resist without ever questioning why its difficult. Or to make things easier in the short run we avoid anything that challenges us.

Most successful companies experience a crisis at some point, before coming back and growing even stronger than before. The same is true with cheap jerseys people. Crisis is a very important medicine because it forces you to make changes and to adjust. That is when most people fail, stagnate or continuously struggle. The winners learn from it and because of the crisis are able to grow even further.


And it comes from not looking at beliefs, assumptions and past experiences that are repeating themselves. It comes from looking only at the goals and tasks and ignoring the most important part – Being.

old _way

 The New Dimension

To get good results, you first need to be in the right state first to get these results. If you are in sales, then you probably know that it is difficult to sell when you are in fear or frustration. The same thing is true for giving a presentation, or being in a meeting with your colleagues. Our In the end it will save you many hours and lots of trouble if you FIRST work on being present and centered. I am talking about being in the state of acceptance where you have no resistance to working and where things flow easily and magically.


This process will help you to identify the experience from your past that you resisted, and you will be able to eliminate this resistance, as if it never happened. (Read more about resistance)

It will open your eyes to this blog new dimension and you will see you are cheap mlb jerseys creating the situations in your life. Instead of being a victim of circumstances you begin to be the creator of your life.

It requires taking responsibility for everything that happens and the 4 key competencies will help you move beyond where you are now.

Controlling the outcome

When you are in the state of acceptance, of being a creator of your life, things are fun, we see failure as learning and we don’t stop until we create what we want.

A sign that you are not in acceptance is when you find yourself trying to control the outcome. That can be very frustrating and time consuming other people don’t like it if they think you are trying to control them. It makes them feel out of control as well and they hate it.

Results come from your actions and your state of mind

Results are magic they sometimes happen and sometimes they don’t. And the only control you have over the outcome comes from your state of mind and your actions. Think about meeting an important customer for the first time you don’t have any control over how the other person might react. What you have control over is your state of mind. To be in a state of acceptance, accepting yourself and also the customer and also any outcome. Combined with appropriate action it will most likely create cheap jerseys a positive outcome for everybody involved without having to control it.

So long as you don’t have the skill to get to acceptance, you are somehow caught up in a story from the past. You might feel irritated or fearful about a meeting and as a result you will be trying to control the outcome by being extra nice, by handing out favors etc.

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