Hello, my name is Guido Walter.

My mission is to: Show Individuals and Organizations How To Create Positive Reality and Exceptional Results.

Let me show you how your Consciousness and Thoughts create your Reality and your Results.

It is not intellectual knowledge. It is an experimential process of re-connecting to your natural power, which allows you to experience life in a fresh, new way. You will see great results such as win-win relationships, goal achievement, inner peace and well-being.

No matter who you are, no matter how successful, educated, experienced or intelligent, you may be struggling with your Goals, living in conflict with others, experiencing inner turmoil or physical pain? I can show you how to be free of all of that.

I look forward to meeting you.

Guido Walter

The best investment I have ever made. My business is growing with less effort and a lot more fun. Guido is a wonderful teacher.
– TS Business owner Germany
Guido Walter found pain relief

How you will benefit!

Your Understanding of How you are Creating your Reality and your Results means that:

Life becomes easier, purposeful and full of well-being. Limiting believes and habits fall away. Being more present allows you to much more effectively connect with yourself and those around you. Naturally think in terms of solutions instead of problems. Your life becomes more fun and full of new opportunities.

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • Discover the source of your struggle and how to let it go.
  • Connect to your heart and find all answers in yourself.
  • Discover that things happen through you instead of to you.
  • Have clarity, end confusion and endlessly trying to figure things out.
  • Feel in control, even when things around you are out of control.
  • Be present and focused, with increased self awareness.
  • Free yourself from the need for approval from others.
  • Understand the cause of bad habits and how to eliminate them.
  • Improved Self confidence.
  • Have deep insights and understanding.
  • End chronic pain naturally and experience well-being.

Its more much fun and a lot more productive to be in an inspired team that works together in harmony:

  • Happier and motivated employees.
  • Better relationships, better communication and positive team dynamics.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced attrition rates.
  • Achieve more with less effort.
I was out of ideas and felt stuck. Guido has helped me get unstuck and uncover my strength and I feel better than ever before.
– SG Business owner CA USA

I have worked with Individuals from the following companies…

I work with individuals and organizations all over the world and those are some of the companies where my clients work.

I deliver my services in English, Spanish and German.


Who can benefit

Typical situation, typical people and features.

Typical Situation

  • You feel out of control

  • You are stressed out

  • You have to come up with the next big thing…

  • You feel stuck in your career

  • Fear of not achieving your sales quota paralyzes you

  • You feel misunderstood

  • You have many sleepless Nights

  • You have emotional Pain

Typical People

  • Business Owners

  • Executives

  • Project managers

  • Sales Executives

  • Teams or small businesses

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Anybody in a challenging job


  • Is not intellectual knowledge

  • Is very easy to learn and to apply yet very powerful

  • It is a skill that you can apply in all areas of your professional and personal life

  • How to achieve fast and lasting Results

  • Accessible through Skype or Telephone

  • I deliver my services in English, Spanish and German


All my services are 100% customized for your needs.  I have a very unique experience of more than 10.000 h of individual coaching for fast results. Available wherever you are.

  • The first two sessions are free so you can experience the difference.
  • Money back, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.
  • You will have access to a library of self study audios for your convenience.

I offer different options that fit your needs. Feel free to inquire.

For pricing and details please Connect!

Its more fun and a lot more productive to be in an inspired team that works together in harmony.

  • Happier and motivated employees.
  • Better relationships, better communication and positive team dynamics.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced attrition rates.
  • Achieve more with less effort.

For pricing and details please Connect!

About Guido Walter

Years ago I experienced burn out and serious health issues I had a near death experience which led to a complete shift in consciousness. Since 2005 I have been teaching business people how to experience rapid transformation. I have a Masters degree in Engineering and worked in management positions all over the world. I teach in English, Spanish and German; I love traveling, meeting people, cooking and inventing new things that change the world.

“It’s for people who do not follow the crowd. It’s for those who think and act differently and are open to new and amazing insights which make a critical difference.”

I work with individuals and organizations who are smart, educated, hard working who experience challenges that they cannot resolve no matter how hard they try. Those obstacles typically come from not achieving goals, conflict with others, inner struggle or physical pain. Understanding how consciousness works leads to positive change, a new self image and a positive view of the world.

If you are in pain, I highly recommend working with Guido. His technique is simple, effortless and very effective!
– Dr. Gaila Mackenzie – Strawn, CA, USA
Dr. Gaila Mackenzie – Strawn, CA, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a hidden force that impacts everything you do. As long as you are unaware of this force you are not operating at your best!

Typical coaching programs or improvement techniques focus on the content of what you do and how to make that better, not realizing that your consciousness and your thoughts impact everything you do. Once you understand the hidden forces that create your reality and your results, you will reach new levels of well-being and results in your professional and personal life.

There is no shortage in intellectual knowledge, strategies and methods, yet you can find yourself in situations where no intellectual knowledge can help you.

Achieve your goals, resolve conflicts, be free of inner struggle and physical pain.

Change does not come from intellectual knowledge but from deep insights into your own “operating system”.

  • Understand the difference between thought and reality.
  • Tap into your intuition.
  • Experience the difference between knowing and believing.
  • Connect to your heart and what you really want.
  • Be authentic and self confident.
  • Be free of self sabotage and confusion.
  • Have total clarity.

All change comes from insights.

We always operate within the boundaries of mind, consciousness and thought. Those principles create all of our experiences, actions, behavior and results. The fastest way to change comes from insight into our inner workings. With this knowledge change is not a process anymore but rather a result of new understanding.