Mindset: The Key to Success

“Time flies when you are having fun”. This popular saying holds true in many aspects of life. When you love what you do, things become second nature, ingrained in your body. This leaves you operating at your best. Only then are you fully present and focused, free to create without any fear or frustration. On the other hand, when you lose focus and resist yourself, those around you, or presented situations, your state of mind is compromised. You become less capable and less productive, leaving you feeling irritated or frustrated. It is in this state that problems and suffering cloud your judgment.

Consistently Feeling Good: The State of Acceptance

Constantly feeling tired and drained? Looking for that extra boost of energy?  The state of acceptance leaves you feeling good, leading to high productivity, intuitive ways of thinking, and positive results. It is in this state that all of your energy is utilized. Whether writing code, interacting with customers, creating new marketing strategies, or riding a motorcycle, the state of acceptance will help you feel as if you are floating on cloud nine. In order to reach this state, you must Help learn to let go of stuckness and resistance.

Reaching the state of acceptance is not about focusing on the outcome, as focusing on the outcome cheap jerseys makes you fearful and stuck. Instead, the best outcome is a result of being present and focused.  It is a continual journey of acceptance and letting go. By learning to accept and let go of your resistance, you feel in control and are able to correct, change, and get things accomplished. In this state, your mind only comes up with solutions.

The state of feeling good always leads you in the right direction. It is designed to produce a chain reaction. As your hard work and efforts begin to pay off, you can not only help but share your joy, services, and products last with everybody.


The State of Feeling Good Comes With the Following Attributes

#1 No Thinking – No Resistance

If there is one aspect that is guaranteed to hold you back from reaching the state of creating, it is thinking. As long as you are thinking, your mind is making you believe that you are doing something; while in reality, you are failing to take action! It should come as no surprise that effective action takes place when the mind is at peace, in the absence of thinking.

#2 Detachment from outcome

As long as you are attached to an outcome, you are cheap jerseys not a creator; instead you are a controller, a pusher, or an avoider. Your mind is trained to think that the quickest way to success is to avoid failure. What you don’t realize is that this way of thinking also hinders your spontaneity and creativity. Instead of focusing on avoiding failure, you focus on creating.

# 3 Correct, Change and Adapt

Do you find that cheap nba jerseys you are often criticized for thinking outside the norm or bringing new ideas to the table? Do the phrases “that is not possible,” “you can’t do that,” or “we have always done it like this and we would like to keep it that way” seem all too familiar? These comments come from people who fear change.

While in the state of feeling good, you automatically move beyond that. You recognize that it’s the Soccer creator in you that sparks this ingenuity and drives people to come up with new solutions. It is contentment and limitlessness that drives change and brings about improvement.

#4 Continual Learning and Improving

As long as you are open to change and willing cheap mlb jerseys to adapt, you will continue to see positive results and be able to create what you want. It is simply a process of trial and error. This is how you first learned to walk, despite falling on your face a countless number of times. First you crawled, then you walked, and eventually you learned how to run. You did it naturally, the same way we can learn anything if we really want to.

#5 Serve Others

When you are in a negative state, you tend to focus on the self. Instead of giving, you focus on want – the want of money, respect, and attention. In this state there is a belief that you are entitled to more, making you feel frustrated and unhappy. As long as this empty void is not filled, life seems difficult, struggles are multiplied, and challenges become overwhelming. When you are stuck in a negative state, people are hesitant to take your lead. How do you expect people to like you when you don’t like yourself?

On the contrary, when you feel good, you feel that you have and you want to share this with those around you. Instead of focusing on ones self, you tend to focus on the serving of the group, workplace, or community as a whole. It is in this positive state that solutions are reached. It is part of the mindset of being a happy creator.

#6 Only Solutions and No Problems

When you are frustrated, you spend most of your time thinking about all the problems you have instead of focusing on the solutions. Phrases such as – I can’t, I don’t want to, I should, I could, and I would – begin to cloud the brain. Conversely, feeling good promotes a positive way of thinking. You begin to think – I can, we can – and take action, focusing your mind on things that work instead of those that don’t.

#7 It All Started with a Decision

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? The journey begins with a simple decision that you are capable. By trusting your heart and your intuition, you are then able to express and create what makes you happy. The decision is yours. Do you have the courage to turn your dreams into reality?

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