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The Three key Abilities

The three Key abilities that let you break through I want to share with you an experience one of my daughters had when she was in high school. One day she told me that she had a hard time following the class because she had trouble reading the writing on the blackboard. At times she claimed that


Whatever you resist you experience Ask yourself: Is it the people and situations in the world дизайна that cause your upsets and hang-ups, or is it your reaction to what is happening? The truth of the matter is that you can only experience unpleasantness when you are resisting it. It is not the people or

The right mindset

Mindset: The Key to Success “Time flies when you are having fun”. This popular saying holds true in many aspects of life. When you love what you do, things become second nature, ingrained in your body. This leaves you operating at your best. Only then are you fully present and focused, free to create without